Kempsey Regional Saleyards

The Kempsey Regional Saleyards is owned and maintained by Council, with the conduct and operation of sales the responsibility of the licenced stock and station agents Kempsey Stock and Land.

The Saleyards provide an opportunity for buyers and sellers from across the region, and throughout NSW, to generate income and undertake herd development activities. These sales also support the wholesale and retail sectors of the Kempsey community and provide broad economic and social benefits.


Exterior view - Kempsey Regional Saleyards

The Kempsey Regional Saleyards facility is located on Saleyards Road, West Kempsey and contains a number of features that have supported a steady growth in throughput including:

  • Close location to town and access to the Pacific Highway
  • Ring selling system for stock creating the opportunity for pre-sale viewing and weighing
  • Covered selling ring providing shelter to buyers, sellers and stock
  • Holding paddocks for use after sale, prior to stock being transported
  • Quality assurance accreditation


Holding pens on sale day - Kempsey Regional Saleyards

To ensure safe and efficient operation, Kempsey Regional Saleyards:

  • Operates in accordance with all relevant government regulations and industry standards
  • Is an accredited member of the National Saleyard Quality Assurance program (NSQA)
  • Maintains a routine cleaning and maintenance regime

Operating model review

Council is continuing the Kempsey Regional Saleyards Strategic Options Review commenced in 2019 to determine the preferred operating model for the Saleyards moving forward.

After extensive engagement with the community Council resolved at the October 2019 meeting to retain ownership of the saleyards:

Council is now developing a business plan that will enable the Saleyards to operate long term as a financially independent and sustainable entity whilst also reducing Council’s exposure to operational risks and ensuring legislative compliance. 

Next steps:

  • In the coming months, Council will conduct an Expression of Interest (EOI) process through the open market to determine options for leasing the Saleyards.
  • Subject to the response to that EOI, Council will determine whether to continue operating the Saleyards using licence agreements with stock agents, or lease the Saleyards to an external party.   

Facility upgrades

The business plan being developed under the operating model review will also identify any potential major future capital works required at the Saleyards.
Council are actively investigating grant funding options to support any capital program that is identified within the business plan.

Any partial grant opportunities, such as matching grants that require an equal contribution by Council, will be considered in the context of the business plan and operating model review as well as Council’s overall budget position.


For more information on:

  • Kempsey Regional saleyards please contact Tim Howes, Coordinator Commercial Assets at Council on 6566 3200
  • Participating in buying or selling of stock contact Kempsey Stock and Land Agents on 6562 6600 or Ray White Rural Kempsey on 6562 5131