Works and maintenance


Roads and bridge maintenance

Council’s Works section has an overall objective to provide efficient and effective management of resources in order to maintain all road infrastructure in a safe condition and in a manner that minimises life cycle costs. Key areas of responsibilities are:

  • Sealed and unsealed road pavements
  • Kerb and guttering
  • Traffic signage
  • Line and pavement markings
  • Roadside furniture
  • Stormwater drainage systems
  • Timber and concrete bridges
  • Flood mitigation structures
  • Formed footpaths
  • Waste management
  • Major waterway structures

Council staff undertake routine and periodic maintenance services to maintain a satisfactory asset condition.

Routine maintenance

Road being graded
  • Pothole patching
  • Guidepost repairs and replacement
  • Signage repair and replacement
  • Open drain clearing
  • Pavement markings
  • Footpath trip repairs
  • Kerb and gutter repairs
  • Guardrail repairs
  • Bridge repairs
  • Flood structure repairs and maintenance

Periodic maintenance

  • Pavement resealing
  • Heavy patching of pavements
  • Grading of unsealed roads
  • Gravel Resheeting
  • Timber bridge replacement/major repairs

Road resealing and gravel resheeting programs

Kempsey Shire Council conducts a regular road resealing program, as well as a gravel resheeting program.

Road and bridge construction program

The Works section is responsible for the rehabilitation and reconstruction of any pre-existing assets and the construction of any new assets.

Typical works included in these programs are kerb and gutter, drainage, pavements, footpaths, bridges, and flood mitigation structures. No work is undertaken for development of private lands or subdivisions within the Shire and all enquires are to be made to the Customer Services.

Unsealed road grading program

It has been identified, based on available funding and resources, that all gravel roads will be graded once per year. The main unsealed collector roads will be graded at least twice per year subject to funding and resources.

For further information, please contact the Customer Services on 6566 3200 who will be pleased to assist you with any enquiry.