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The RFS is the lead agency for coordinated bush fire fighting and is also responsible for fires and related emergency incidents within Rural Fire Districts which cover more than 95% of the State. Fires and related emergency incidents include bush and grass fires, structure fires, transport fires and incidents, automatic fire alarms, etc.  

The RFS also supports other agencies in emergency situations such as floods, storms and search and rescue situations.

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Planning for Bush Fire Protection

After the 2001 Christmas fires in Sydney, which destroyed 109 homes and burnt more than 750,000 hectares, a Joint Parliamentary Inquiry was established. The resulting report endorsed the release of a document which contained specifications for building on land identified as bush fire prone. This document is titled Planning for Bush Fire Protection (PBP) and the current legislated version that is adopted is PBP 2006.

The latest release of the PBP, Planning for Bush Fire Protection 2019, is the culmination of significant investment in scientific research and policy development to provide appropriate bush fire protection whilst still having due consideration for development potential and the economic sustainability. It is expected that PBP 2019 will be legislatively adopted on 1 March 2020.

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Check if you're in bush fire prone land

You can now check here if your land is in a bush fire prone area. The bush fire prone land online mapping tool has been created using NSW Local Council’s bush fire prone maps and is designed to identify if your property is designated as bush fire prone. The tool is provided by the NSW Rural Fire Service.

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AIDER Program
Assistance for Infirm, Disabled and Elderly Residents

What is AIDER?

AIDER is a once off free service, supporting residents to live safely and confidently in areas where bush fires may start. The property must be bush fire prone, meaning an area of land that can support a bush fire or is likely to be subject to bush fire attack.

Who is eligible?

Aged residents and residents with disabling conditions who have limited domestic support from family relatives, friends or other services.

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Reporting bush fire hazards

If you are concerned about bush fire hazards on your property, or the property adjacent to you, the Rural Fire Service (RFS) can provide advice regarding preparing your property against bush fires and what you have to do in the event of a bush fire.

This advice is free and can be arranged by contacting your local RFS Fire Control Centre and speaking with one of their officers.  

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