Kempsey CBD flood marker

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Kempsey CBD flood marker design on exhibition

The NSW SES together with Kempsey Shire Council are seeking community input into the renewal of the Kempsey CBD flood marker that is located in the Clyde Street Mall.

The current marker was installed in 1999 to mark the 50th anniversary of the devastating 1949 floods that resulted in the loss of six lives, destruction of 35 properties and damage to around 600 buildings.

The current flood marker in the mall indicates the estimated heights of previous major floods in the Macleay Valley. However over time these markings have faded making it hard to see the indicators on the wooden pole that makes up the flood marker.

The draft design concept will see the existing flood marker re-painted to enable the community to more easily see the heights on the wooden pole of previous major floods. The centre piece of the renewal will be the use of bright colours to clearly show the heights of the 1949, 1950, 1963, 2001 and 2013 flood events.

A feature of the renewal design will be the incorporation of old newspaper articles onto the flood marker that describe the impacts on the Valley these major flood had at the time.

The project will provide another way in which the SES can communicate to the community the significant flood risk that is present in the Macleay.

The community is invited to view the draft design concept for the Kempsey CBD flood marker renewal by downloading the PDF file or visiting the NSW SES Mid North Coast Region Facebook page.

More information and comment can be made on the NSW SES - Mid North Coast Region Facebook page 

The exhibition period closing on Friday 1 June.