Kempsey Development Control Plan 2013

Procedure 1.1.3 Updated 14 December 2020



Separate chapters

About this Development Control Plan (DCP)

Kempsey Local Environmental Plan 2013 (KLEP2013) provides the statutory framework for land use management in the Kempsey Shire local government area, subject to overriding planning controls in State Environmental Planning Policies and other State legislation.

This DCP:

  • Supports and expands upon the aims, objectives and other provisions of the KLEP2013;
  • Provides a clear and concise set of development objectives; and
  • Provides detailed development provisions for development in the Kempsey Local Government Area.

Structure of this DCP

This DCP is divided into the following parts:

  • Part A - Administration and Introduction;
  • Part B - General Controls;
  • Part C - Use Specific Controls;
  • Part D - Precinct/Area Controls: Urban Areas;
  • Part E - Precinct/Area Controls: Rural and Environmental Areas;
  • Part F - Precinct/Area Controls: Villages;
  • Part G - Glossary; and
  • Part H - Appendices.

Part A of this DCP contains the preliminary information associated with this DCP, including an explanation of how it should be used.

Part B includes development requirements of a general nature that may apply to all development. These development requirements relate to issues such as subdivision, parking and access, landscaping, advertising signs and waste minimisation. This part also includes general provisions for items that may not apply in all instances such as development in heritage areas.

Part C contains development specific requirements for specific uses. This part includes provisions for residential development, caravan parks, bed and breakfast accommodation and tourist facilities.

Part D comprises development requirements that apply to urban areas only. It is divided into chapters that will each focus on a particular area. For example, the South West Rocks Town Centre.

Part E comprises development requirements that apply to rural and environmental areas only. For example, Dulconghi Heights.

Part F comprises development requirements for villages only. For example, Stuarts Point.

Part G comprises the glossary for most terms used throughout the DCP.

Part H includes the appendices. The appendices include supporting material that is referred to throughout the DCP.

Each part is divided into chapters that address a particular issue, use or area.

Development applications must address all the relevant chapters applicable to the proposed development.

When addressing the development requirements of each relevant chapter, it may not be necessary for an application to address all development provisions within the chapter. Only those provisions that apply need to be addressed.

In general, where an area based provision is inconsistent with a general provision or a development specific provision, the area based provision shall prevail to the extent of any inconsistency.

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