Frequently asked questions
Addressing a public forum

What happens after I make my application?
Once you submit your application, it will be directed to Council’s Governance section. Applications will be considered on the Friday prior to the public forum based on the criteria outlined above.
Can my application be refused?
Yes, the General Manager, or their delegate, may refuse an application subject to provisions of Council’s Code of Meeting Practice.¬† If they do so, you will be informed in writing of this decision and the reasons for it.
How will I know if my application has been approved?
Approved applicants will be advised by e-mail by 4.30pm the Friday prior to the public forum. Applicants who are unable to provide an e-mail address will be notified by telephone.
What time should I arrive and where is the public forum held?
Please be at Council by 4:15 pm on the day of the public forum, make your way up the stairs and into the Council Chambers and make yourself known to the staff present.
Where should I wait to address Council prior to the public forum?
Members of the public who have nominated to address Council should be seated in the public gallery area of the Council Chambers.
How will I know when to address Council?
The Mayor will call on individuals to address the Council in the order established by the General Manager. Speakers should make their way to the lectern at the front of the Council Chambers when called.
What protocol should be observed?
During your address you should maintain accepted protocol, as per the Code of Meeting Practice, and identify the elected members as “Councillors” or “Mayor”.
What should I do at the end of my address?
You may either return to the public gallery area or leave the public forum if you wish.
When will the matter be considered by Council?
The matters discussed at the public forum will be debated by Council during the Council Meeting held the following day.