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The Kempsey Corridor Master Plan

Public exhibition

The Kempsey Corridor Master Plan was on public exhibition until Friday 5 October 2012.


The Master Plan is a comprehensive strategic document that establishes the guidelines for the future direction of infrastructure provision, service and development along the South Kempsey to Frederickton corridor.

The Master Plan aims to establish an urban design model for the corridor, with particular emphasis on the villages of South Kempsey and Frederickton and the town centre of Kempsey.

Its objectives are to achieve:

Intersection of Belgrave and Smith Streets, KempseyIntersection of Smith and Belgrave Streets, Kempsey
  • a framework for the revitalisation of the retail economy of the Kempsey town centre, and the villages of South Kempsey and Frederickton
  • fresh opportunities for innovative business and job creation industries along the corridor
  • reinforcement and conservation of the natural and cultural environmental heritage of the corridor, and
  • improvements to the urban environment for the long-term wellbeing of the community.

The Master Plan is the first Council document of its type to investigate the future planning and design direction for a continuous “ribbon” between South Kempsey and Frederickton. In doing so, Council provides a framework for the long-term creation of a sustainable and economically prosperous community.

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