Mayor Liz Campbell

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Week commencing 17 June 2019Mayor Liz Campbell

Let’s all do our bit to save water

It’s been two weeks since Council implemented Level 2 water restrictions and we still haven’t received rain so the flow levels in the Macleay River have dropped significantly.

The continued dry conditions mean we are hovering near the trigger level for further water restrictions. To delay this, Council has switched the water source from the Sherwood Borefield to the Steuart McIntyre Dam.

Sourcing water from the dam will keep water restrictions at Level 2 for longer, however this is being closely monitored.

Residents may notice that the change of water source creates a slight difference in the taste of the water. It can also result in some turbulence in the water pipes which could cause temporary discoloured water.

To fix this, run your tap into a bucket of water until it runs clear - don’t waste the water in the bucket - use it outdoors for the garden.

It is important to reassure residents that the water quality in Steuart McIntrye Dam has improved considerably due to cooler weather. The water is compliant with the Australian Drinking Water guidelines and is tested daily.

With the dry weather it is now more important than ever for us all to use water wisely. This is where all residents can really help and make a difference by reducing your water usage.

For some helpful tips and information on how you can conserve water, visit Council’s website at

For example, one easy step we can all take is reduce our shower time by two minutes. This alone saves 18 litres of water per day. Use a bucket to catch the water while you are waiting for the shower to heat up and use it elsewhere.

I will update the community on any further changes and, in the meanwhile, let’s all hope the rain comes soon.

Man handwashing carUse a bucket to wash vehicles no more than once a week during Level 2 water restrictions