Mayor Liz Campbell

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Week commencing 23 April 2018Mayor Liz Campbell

The value of being wealthy

Being Wealthy is the second of the four core values set out in Council’s adopted Community Strategic Plan of being a healthy, wealthy, safe and connected community. This acknowledges the need for enough wealth to afford the basics of life but extends to include broader community goals to be part of a rich culture; have opportunities to grow and learn; and participate in activities that provide a wealth of experience that enriches our lives.

Housing and education are vital elements of this. A secure place to live and the skills and qualifications to obtain meaningful employment are key foundations for people to grow and prosper. This was never more apparent than talking to the amazing young people I was honoured to join in last week’s Youth Homelessness Matters Day march. Education and employment are essential to providing our youth with the chance to attain long-term career prospects - all foundations for a brighter future.

Wealth is not just amount money. It is about living a good life. To enrich our community, we need to foster a wealth of cultural, community and life experience to complement the on-the-job experience we gain during our working lives. This strengthens our community to adapt to changing economic and social circumstances. It also helps make the Macleay more inviting for people to live and invest here and to enjoy life in our valley.

Council’s role in this is to maximise the economic potential that already exists within our Shire and to explore opportunities to grow local business. We look to the government agencies responsible for employment, education and training, regional development and industry to work alongside Council, local business and community groups.

At last week’s Council meeting, new performance measures for 2018/19 were endorsed to drive improvement in our wealth-related goals in areas under Council’s control to build a wealthier community. These include initiatives to improve procurement processes; resourcing to capitalise on grant and contribution funding opportunities; and closer monitoring of our financial and operational performance.

The aspirational value of being wealthy supports improving the economic and social wellbeing of the Macleay Valley community.

Mayor Liz Campbell at the Youth Homelessness Matters Day! marchI was honoured to join in last week’s Youth Homelessness Matters Day march in Kempsey