Mayor Liz Campbell

From the Mayor's desk
Week commencing 19 June 2017Mayor Liz Campbell

Changeover Dinners

A highlight of this time of year that I share with my fellow Councillors is attending the Changeover Dinners of the Macleay’s various service and sporting clubs. The dinners are a chance to recognise individual club’s achievements, receive the committee’s report on their activities and fundraising efforts, and often to hand the baton of committee leadership roles to other club members.

Listening to the significant achievements of the past year is a reminder of what a strong and capable community we are. Our service clubs provide a way for people to connect with others, provide our youth with educational and life-building skills, along with fundraising efforts that benefit a range of community initiatives, promote better health and build strong community support networks

Our sporting clubs provide the community with affordable and accessible entertainment that promote a healthy and sociable lifestyle. They help develop team work in our kids and encourage people of all ages to be involved with others in the community.

All of these clubs are run by busy people, many of whom work full-time, and the results of their time and effort is part of what makes the Macleay a great place to live. On behalf of our whole community, a sincere thank you for all that you do.

Dispose of batteries safely

Almost everyone uses batteries at home or work but many people don’t realise they are best not disposed of in just any bin. Batteries contain potentially harmful chemicals but some can be reprocessed to help make new products.

There are special battery collection bins at Council’s Customer Service Centre, Library, and Community Recycling Centre (CRC) located at the waste facility on Crescent Head Road. Council also operates an award-winning mobile CRC trailer that visits over 15 locations around the Shire. For more information visit

Battery collection bin in Kempsey LibraryThere are special battery collection bins such as this one at the entrance of Kempsey Library