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Week commencing 24 July 2017Mayor Liz Campbell

Have your say in planning our future

Much of the work done by Council is about setting a path. Firstly in developing an idea, and secondly in getting the job done. With vision and a good plan for the future we are able to build a case to implement actions and gain support from other levels of government. A vital ingredient in the mix is input from the community which helps make the decisions that shape the future of our valley.

Council currently has a number of draft plans on public exhibition to progress projects that are designed to build a more connected and safe community. The draft plans cover projects as diverse as a new bike plan for the Shire; managing the issues faced by residents living near the Rudder Park flying-fox colony; and providing a blueprint for the future for Crescent Head.

The Kempsey Shire Bike Plan is about contributing to a healthy, mobile and liveable community through developing and integrating cyclist networks that encourage safe and convenient access for people of all ages.

The aim of the Rudder Park Flying Fox Camp Management Plan is to provide a framework to better manage the impact on nearby residents from the camp, while meeting environmental laws that safeguard the flying-foxes.

Following the community workshops held last December and ongoing contributions about what issues are important in shaping its future, the draft Crescent Head Master Plan provides a foundation for Council and the community to work together to create something special in meeting the current and future needs of the village.

Not all issues interest all people, but as a local resident it is good to know of plans being developed that affect our community. By listening to the community’s ideas on these important issues we create a place where people can connect and feel a sense of ownership of the facilities they helped build or the services being provided. 

To keep informed and have your say in building a Healthy, Wealthy, Safe and Connected community, visit Council’s Your Say Macleay at

People riding bikes beside the Macleay River