Welcome roundabout nearing completion

Media release - 19 October 2018

The Highway Corridor Bypass through South Kempsey is nearing completion, with the opening of the new Middleton and Lachlan Streets roundabout.

The roundabout includes natural plantings and welcome flags designed by local aboriginal digital artists. The flags feature the message ‘Yawayi. Dhanang, marrungga barriya dhitiyndha’ which means ‘Hello. You all be well in this country’ in Dhanggati.

Artists Kyara Fernando and Stephen McLeod have created male and female inspired works drawing on symbols of their culture and the Macleay.

“This idea centres around the journey of men. Going from boys to men. Those footprints represent that journey. The boomerangs, shield, nulla, claps stick represent protection and songs to pass down from one generation to the next,” said Stephen of his flag design.

Kyara has depicted the female welcoming all the to Macleay using the river, the bridge and colours representing natural habitat.

“The symbols in the work represent the visual of all females, local food resources from the land, the continuation of life cycle and connection of families,” said Kyara.

Council have thanked Kyara and Stephen for their inspired designs and will continue to work with them to explore alternative locations and adaptations of this important welcoming message.

The roundabout is the final stage in the $800,000 upgrade along Lachlan Street that has seen replacement of kerb and guttering, footpath and road seal. This work is the last significant component of the Kempsey Corridor Master Plan.

The project has been jointly funded by Council and the State Government as part of the handover of the old Pacific Highway.

SOuth Kempsey welcome flagsThe Dhanggati welcome message ‘Yawayi. Dhanang, marrungga barriya dhitiyndha’ means ‘Hello. You all be well in this country’