Warning signage for wastewater systems

Community life - 11 Septembert 2018

Properties in the Shire that have an Aerated Wastewater Treatment System (AWTS) installed are required to have warning signs in place to ensure the safety of the community.

An AWTS is an on-site sewage treatment system where the waste water is placed through a series of treatment processes before disinfection and distribution onto garden areas. These systems are often commonly referred to as an Envirocycle, Biocycle or Bioseptic.

Under Local Government regulation, warning signs are an important safety measure and should be clearly visible around the system to warn people that treated effluent is being used and they should avoid contact or consumption.

To make this requirement easier for residents, Council is now providing two free safety warning signs to those with an AWTS. However, owners of standard septic or reedbed systems do not require the signage.

During recent routine property inspections, Council has come across a number of AWTS systems in the Shire with failing or inadequate disposal areas. Please be aware that pipes and hoses laid on the ground with a single sprinkler are not an adequate means of disposal even if it is intended to be moved. This can create unnecessary contact with effluent and can increase the risk of runoff during wet weather.

Irrigation systems should consist of a designated mulched garden bed area of sufficient size, specifically prepared for the use of effluent with fixed sprinklers to spread the effluent evenly across the area.

It is important that your irrigation system is correctly and regularly maintained. Council recommends maintaining your original irrigation area and contacting a qualified and experienced AWTS service agent to determine if any repairs are required.

To obtain the free signage for your AWTS please contact Council’s Customer Service Centre on 6566 3200 or visit Council’s offices.

Aerated Wastewater Treatment SystemProperties that have an Aerated Wastewater Treatment System (AWTS) installed are required to have warning signs in place