Community efforts recognised

Community life - 21 August 2018

Council staff have acknowledged the tireless efforts of community members attending to the maintenance of the Ferry Lane Memorial Avenue at Frederickton following a recent meeting on site.

The Ferry Lane Memorial Avenue of 27 camphor laurel trees was established in 1919 to commemorate the contributions local servicemen made during World War I.

Some of the memorial’s trees were disturbed to make way for the construction of the Pacific Highway Bypass. However, the RMS worked with the Kempsey RSL Sub Branch and the community to rehabilitate the site in 2013.

Council staff recently met with Terry Hunt of the Kempsey RSL Sub Branch as well as a neighbouring property owner to discuss the future management of the avenue.

The meeting resolved that Council, as the owner of the avenue, would assume responsibility of any future maintenance works from the Sub Branch, including maintaining the memorial’s tree plantings and slashing of the road verges.

Council’s Acting Coordinator of Civic Services, Katy Rogan, thanked Mr Hunt and neighbouring property owners for their dedicated community service over the years.

“On behalf of Council, I’d like to congratulate Mr Hunt for working so tirelessly to maintain the avenue over the years,” she said.

“As part of the Sub Branch’s connection to the site, Mr Hunt regularly took the time to mow the grass and tidy up the area.”

Council works in partnership with other residents and community groups to maintain public areas across the shire such as the Wigay Aboriginal Cultural Park in West Kempsey and the establishment of community gardens.   

This partnership approach is an effective way of encouraging community pride in public areas.

Residents interested in contributing to the maintenance of public areas should contact Council for more information on 6566 3200

Ferry Lane Memorial Avenue, FredericktonCouncil has taken over the maintenance responsibility of the Ferry Lane Memorial Avenue at Frederickton