Naming our roads

Community life - 10 July 2018

Have you ever wondered how our roads and streets got their names?

When an existing public road or street within the Local Government area needs to be named it must be approved by Kempsey Shire Council as well as the Geographical Names Board (GNB) of NSW.

To assist in the naming process, Council often works with the Macleay River Historical Society who assist by researching names with a historical significance to a particular area.

Road/Street names must meet the criteria under the NSW Addressing User Manual which outlines the principles, processes and procedures for creating street addresses in NSW.

Once a name is chosen, Council will submit the proposed name to the GNB for approval and consultation with emergency services for a 14-day period.

If there are no objections received, the proposed road name will be advertised for public comment, and following that, a report, detailing the proposal and any submissions received is put forward to councillors for adoption at an ordinary council meeting.

Council currently has two Crown Roads located within council boundaries in Bellbrook and Yarravel and one currently unnamed right of way located within council boundaries in Bellbrook that require naming.

These roads, which have been unnamed for many years, require names to rectify property addressing issues and to make them identifiable by emergency services.

Council is currently seeking public comment on the following proposed road names; Burrayi Glade and Dhalayi Glade, Bellbrook which both relate to the Aboriginal history of the area as well as Friarbird Place in Yarravel which relates to a species of bird known in the area.

The names were recommended to Council by the Macleay River Historical Society.

Maps of the proposed roads and more information about making a submission before the July 30 closing date can be found on council’s website

South Street extension, South Kempsey