South Kempsey rezoned

Media release - 18 September 2017

A greater range of housing types and retail shops will now be permissible on Lachlan Street, South Kempsey following changes to the planning rules.

An amendment to the Kempsey Local Environmental Plan 2013 (KLEP) means that the street’s zoning has been changed to B4 Mixed Use.

Council’s Coordinator of Strategic Planning and Natural Resources, Georgia Rayner, said the decision to rezone the street comes after significant liaison with property owners, the Department of Planning and Environment as well as a public exhibition of the proposed changes.

“It is great news for existing property owners or future developers looking for investment opportunities as the types of uses now permissible in the new zoning include commercial premises, shops and offices, food and drink premises, residential flat buildings and light industries,” she said.

“The completion of the Pacific Highway Bypass provided council with an opportunity to investigate ways to stimulate economic activity in retail and commercial precincts in Kempsey.

“Therefore, rezoning a busy street like Lachlan will hopefully result in an increase in employment opportunities, improved services, an increase in property value and greater retail choices.”

Lachlan Street, South KempseyLachlan Street, South Kempsey has been rezoned to B4 Mixed Use, allowing for a greater range of housing types and retail shops