Expressions of interest for community Book Club

Media release - 25 August 2017

Residents are being encouraged to express their interest in the creation of a second community book club at Kempsey Library.

There are currently two book clubs in the shire – one at the Kempsey Library which is held on the last Monday of the month from 2pm to 3:30pm and the South West Rocks Book Club which is held on the third Thursday of each month at 10am.

However, Kempsey Librarian Yvette McAlister said, due to an increasing demand, the library is looking to establish a second club in Kempsey.

Anyone can join regardless of their reading level – all they need is a current library membership.

“We are looking to hold the second book club on the first Monday of every month from 11am so anyone who may be interested in attending this monthly meeting or may have some suggestions for us, please express your interest by getting in touch,” she said.

Ms McAlister said book clubs are a great way for residents to be more social.

“Our book clubs are all about bringing people together who share a love of reading and to have a bit of fun,” she said.

“Members talk about what’s new in the book world and discuss what they liked, or perhaps what they disliked, about a particular book.

“We live in a changing world where face-to-face interaction is arguably on the decline because of the increases in technology and the internet. Book clubs help to change reading from being an isolated activity into a social one where everyone can share their opinion.”

For enquiries and to register your interest please contact Kempsey Library on 6566 3210 or send an email to

Librarians Yvette McAlister and Natasha Harris in Kempsey LibraryLibrarians Yvette McAlister and Natasha Harris are encouraging the community to express an interest in joining a second book club at Kempsey Library