Changes to Kempsey water supply

Media release - 31 July 2017

The continuation of unseasonal warm weather this winter has caused algae growth in Steuart McIntyre Dam. Drinking water for Kempsey, Frederickton, Smithtown, Gladstone, Jerseyville and the rural areas around these towns is supplied from this dam.

In order to ensure that quality drinking water continues to be provided to the community Kempsey Shire Council will be changing to an alternative water supply later this week, tentatively Wednesday 2 August. The alternative supply comes directly from the Sherwood groundwater system and is not impacted by algae.

While the algae activity has caused the turbidity or cloudiness of the water, to increase, the primary algae species in the dam are commonly found in all natural water storage systems in Australia. These algae are not known to cause any health concerns related to drinking water and the service change is a precautionary measure only.

Residents may initially experience cloudy looking water, after the changeover, and are advised to run kitchen and bathroom taps until the water becomes clear. If there is air in the water, allow it to sit for up to ten minutes and the water should become clear.

Council assures the community that the drinking water is safe to consume. Customer Services staff are available on 6566 3200 to address any concerns regarding water quality.