Old bins to be given a new life

Media release - 21 June 2017

Old garbage bins are currently being removed across the Kempsey Shire to be recycled and reused in the manufacture of new bins.

Kempsey Shire Council’s Manager of Technical and Civic Services, Trevor Dickson, said old bins are being taken away for recycling now and over the coming weeks.

“After each of your old bins have been emptied for the last time in June, lay it down on its side on the nature strip, ready to be removed,” Mr Dickson said.

“Environmental technology company Sulo is supplying new bins under the new waste service contract with Cleanaway, and Council is pleased to be working with Sulo’s recycling services to eliminate the need for old bins to be sent to landfill.”

The supply of new bins to all households is part of the waste services contract changeover and has been identified as more efficient in managing a switch to a three bins service than replacing worn bins ad hoc throughout the contract.

The old bins will be put through a grinding process to produce small chips which are washed, dried then melted into long strands and chopped into pellets. The pellets are then used in the manufacture of new high quality bins. The wheel axles are also taken off and separated for recycling.

The 36,000 new bins delivered to Kempsey Shire households over the past few weeks are made of up to 40 per cent recycled materials.

All bin tyres are manufactured from 100 per cent recycled car tyres which also helps in reducing the number of car tyres going to landfill.

“We want to remind residents that old bins will not be emptied after the end of June so after each old bin has been emptied for the last time in June, it’s time to start filling up your new bins for the start of the new service from 1 July,” Mr Dickson said.

To find out when your last June collection is visit www.kempsey.nsw.gov.au/bincalendar

Information about the new waste service and tips to help you sort and save can be found at www.kempsey.nsw.gov.au/waste

Recycled bin pellets ready to be made into new bins