Delivery of new bins commences

Media release - 4 May 2017

Residents throughout the Kempsey Shire will soon start receiving their new domestic waste bins, with the six week process of deliveries beginning Monday 8 May.

Kempsey Shire Council’s Manager of Technical and Civic Services, Trevor Dickson, says the bin delivery is one of the large logistical milestones in implementing the new waste collection service that starts in July.

“The bin delivery is being managed by our new contractors, Cleanaway, and it will take about six weeks to get three new bins delivered to all 12,000 residential properties with a waste service.

“We are aware that moving to a system of three bins and weekly green bin collection is a big change to manage and all along the way we are making lots of information available to help residents sort their household waste properly,” said Mr Dickson.

Attached to the new bins will be an information kit containing a Waste Services Guide and fridge magnet. The Guide covers what can go in each of the three bins, provides handy hints and maps for each of the waste facilities in the area.

Each household will also receive a kitchen caddy and roll of compostable liners to help make it easy to collect and carry food scraps to the green bin.

“The old bins will be collected after the last pick-up at the end of June, so we are asking residents to make sure they secure the new bins in their yard until it’s time to start using them. If people are away and can ask friends or neighbours to bring their new bins in from the street, that would fantastic.

“During the bin roll-out we’ll work with Cleanaway to update the website, facebook and our Customer Service Centre with when to expect new bins to be delivered to your area,” said Mr Dickson.

Council are working directly with strata managers and real estate agents to manage the delivery of appropriate numbers of new bins to large unit blocks.

In the last two weeks of June the message from Council will focus on making sure residents are aware of the new service starting, how to check your collection days and when the old bins will be taken away.

For more information on the new service or how to sort and save your waste, go to

Attached to the new bins will be an information kit containing a Waste Services Guide and fridge magnet