Draft Macleay Valley Sports Strategy on exhibition

Media release - 28 March 2017

Residents across the Macleay are being asked to consider the future of sport, the facilities needed and Council’s role in managing sport in the coming years.

At last week’s meeting, Council resolved to place the draft Macleay Valley Sports Strategy on public exhibition for 28 days. The draft Strategy takes a holistic approach and while it focuses on the facilities and services that Council provide it seeks to consider the needs and issues affecting all local sports.

Council’s Director of Infrastructure Services, Robert Scott, said there have been a number of sports groups involved in development of the draft strategy.

“Preparation of the draft Strategy involved five community workshops with over 25 different sports groups, an online survey combined with desktop research looking at participation levels and facility standards across the Macleay.

“The strategy outlines Council’s role in the sporting sector, identifies issues relating to sport and recommends processes to deal with facility management and sports development now and into the future,” said Mr Scott.

“It’s a living document and something we can update over time as our needs change.”

The draft Strategy contains a number of recommendations within the Action Plan including the establishment of a shire wide Sports Council, a new sports complex at South West Rocks, a sporting event space in Kempsey, and allowance for a Council resource to manage sports bookings, relationships and promotion.

“The recommendations in the draft Strategy are not currently funded but without a Strategy we will struggle to attract grants and other sources of funding. The public exhibition period will also help determine how important these issues are to the community. With a clear vision of what we want to see in the future we can then give more thought to the most appropriate funding options.

“I’d encourage everyone who is interested in sport and opportunities to participate in sport in the future, to have a read of the draft strategy and make a submission highlighting your support or suggestions for improvements,” concluded Mr Scott.

The draft Macleay Valley Sport Strategy is available on Council's website and on Your Say Macleay at http://yoursay.macleay.nsw.gov.au/macleay-valley-sports-strategy  and submissions are open until Monday 24 April 2017.