Bin collection calendar

To find out the which day your bins are collected and which bins to place out, select your location and street below. You will see displayed, which bins will be collected this week and also those for next week.

Only predefined serviceable areas pay the Domestic Waste Management Charge to receive kerbside bin collection services.

  1. Council has recently invited non-domestic addresses (businesses, schools) within these serviced areas to also take up green-Organics and yellow-Recycling kerbside bins to reduce overall waste costs.
  2. Council will always consider future improvements to the current servicing arrangement that can deliver greater economic, environmental and social benefits.

Please also be advised due to Council restrictions on access to roads, waste vehicles are unable to service beyond certain road points.

Please select your location and street/road:

Street Recycle Organics Pick Up Day
Airport Rd 1 Tuesday
Pick Up Day
Week Commencing 26/Jun/2017 Week 2
Week Commencing 03/Jul/2017 Week 1

Note: The week number (Week 1 or Week 2) are useful when communicating with JR Richards, the collections contractor, about missed services. This is how they schedule the alternate-week servicing for green Organics and yellow Recycling bins throughout the year.