Environment and Natural Resources

The Kempsey Shire is blessed with some spectacular natural scenery, numerous national parks and nature reserves, extensive waterways, biologically diverse ecosystems, and productive agricultural country. These diverse landscapes provide important habitat for a large number of native plant and animal species and support the basis of our local economy.

However, an expanding Shire population and economic growth in the region are placing increased pressure on some vulnerable natural systems, particularly the coastline, waterways and vegetation communities. It is therefore essential that effective environmental management practices are put in place to ensure the biodiversity, environmental integrity and relaxed coastal and country lifestyle of the Kempsey Shire are secured for future generations.

Environmental issues currently being addressed by Council include water quality, acid sulphate soils, rehabilitation of riparian zones, erosion and sedimentation, urban stormwater, noise and air pollution, waste, noxious and environmental weeds, threatened species and climate change mitigation and adaptation measures.