Lower Macleay Floodplain Flood Risk Management Plan

Stage 1 Flood Study

In line with the NSW Government’s Flood Policy and compliant with the NSW Government’s Flood Development Manual, Kempsey Shire Council (KSC) is reviewing the existing Lower Macleay Floodplain Management Plan (1999) and undertaking additional flood investigations to prepare a revised Lower Macleay Flood Risk Management Plan. The Plan will present detailed evaluations of all factors that affect and are affected by the use of flood prone land and provide input into the strategic and statutory planning roles of council.

KSC with financial and technical support from the NSW Government Office Environment & Heritage (OEH) Flood Management Program have engaged engineering consultants Jacobs Group (Australia) Pty Ltd to prepare Stage 1 of the flood risk management process, the ‘Lower Macleay Flood Study’. The Flood Study constitutes the first stage of the flood risk management process.

Using current best practice flood modelling techniques and aerial laser ground elevation survey information the study will be a comprehensive flood modelling investigation to define flood behaviour and provide the technical foundation to develop a robust Flood Risk Management Plan.

When completed, the draft Flood Study will be placed on public exhibition for community and stakeholder comments and inputs.

A project website will be established and maintained by Council to provide general information and periodic Flood Study progress updates.

For further information contact Mr Ron Kemsley at Council on (02) 6566 3200


Related information

Stage 1 Flood Study - Status & progress
Activity Due Date Status Output Comments
Initial site inspection March 2018 Completed Consultants familiarisation of the floodplain & system  
Data & existing modelling collection & review May 2018 Commenced Data Review Report Identify data gaps & limitations
Establish Hydrologic model Jun 2018      
Undertake a Flood Frequency analysis Jun 2018      
Establish Hydraulic model Jul 2018   Hydrologic Assessment Report  
Model Calibration, sensitivity assessments Aug 2018   Model Calibration Report  
Prepare Draft Flood Study Sept 2018   Draft Flood Study Report  
Public Exhibition of Draft Flood Study Oct 2018   Public exhibition of Draft Flood Study  
Finalise Stage 1 Flood Study Dec 2018   Stage 1 Flood Study