Sherwood Bridge flood camera
Macleay River

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Sherwood Bridge

About the flood camera

To enhance the community’s preparedness for disaster events a new flood monitoring camera has been installed at Sherwood Bridge across the Macleay River west of Kempsey.

The image on this page shows the bridge deck so residents can see if the bridge is being affected by flooding.

During normal conditions the camera images are updated every 30 minutes and more frequently during potential flooding. Images are time and date stamped to enable people to tell when they were taken. During flood events the last daylight image will remain on the webpage until the first image is captured on the following day.

Council hopes to be able expand this technology to other critical flood gauges throughout the Shire when funding becomes available.

Please note: When water is over the bridge deck, the road is closed and any road closed signs should be obeyed. After the flood has receded the road will not be re-opened until the bridge is inspected and the debris has been cleared by Council staff.

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