Kempsey Shire profile
Information about the population, business and social trends

What information is available?

A new partnership between Kempsey Shire Council and .id, the population experts, provides the community with a powerful suite of custom built websites. The four sites, based around data on population trends, economic statistics, community profiles and maps, provide valuable information to investors, service providers and the community.

All the information is free, so whether you are a community group, a business owner or an interested resident, it’s now possible to see how Kempsey and surrounds have changed and what is forecast over the next 20 years. Discover the unique characteristics of villages and towns, see how population is changing over time all using charts, maps and easy to read text.

Economic profile logo

Have the statistics to attract investment at your fingertips. combines 11 different datasets to build a cohesive story of the local economy, how it’s changing and how it compares to other areas.

Population forecasts logo

Know when and where to allocate resources and invest in infrastructure as the population changes. outlines what is driving population change in specific communities and forecasts how the population, age structure and household types will change between now and 2036.

Community profile logo

Get services to the right people at the right time. uses Census data to tell a powerful story about the characteristics of communities, how they are changing and how they compare to other areas.

Social atlas logo

Target your services more effectively with The atlas is a powerful suite of online thematic maps, showing the distribution of target populations based on the 2011 Census.