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Our vision for the Macleay Valley is to create a vibrant lifestyle destination where business, industry and investment can prosper in harmony with our natural environment. With a strategic position mid-way between Sydney and Brisbane, excellent transport services, a reliable and available workforce, steady economic growth, vibrant business community and affordable real estate there’s never been a better time to consider investing in the Macleay.

Regionally, the Macleay Valley is a featured destination of the Mid North Coast of NSW, spanning a geographic footprint of 3,338 sq km from the hinterland to the coast. Of our total population of just under 30,000, the majority of our residents live in the major service town of Kempsey. The increasingly popular coastal town of South West Rocks is the second most populated area, with approximately 6000 residents, followed by the scenic coastal and up-river villages of Crescent Head, Bellbrook, Frederickton, Gladstone, Grassy Head, Hat Head, Smithtown, Stuarts Point, Willawarrin and Yarrahapinni.


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Kristy Forche-Baird
Project Officer, Economic Development and Tourism
Phone: 02 6566 3113