The Kempsey Local Government Area (LGA) is administered by Kempsey Shire Council and covers an area of 35,500 hectares. It extends from the boundary of the Nambucca Shire in the north to the Hastings Shire Council boundary at Cooperabung Mountain in the south, west to Blackbird Flat in the hinterland of the Macleay and east to the Pacific Ocean.

Kempsey Shire Council offers a service to facilitate proponents through the pre-Development Application stage to the end of the project.

Council is keen to encourage employment-generating industries and approach such applications in a constructive manner. This will result in the desired outcome achieved in the shortest possible time.

About Council

General Manager - David Rawlings

David is responsible for overall management, human resources policy and strategy, management effectiveness, public relations, and the implementation of Council decisions.

Director Community Engagement – Kathy Oliver

Kathy is responsible for Council business support services, administration, community services,tourism, depot, library, saleyards, airport, aboriginal liaison and finance.

Director Infrastructure Services – Robert Scott

Robert and his team are responsible for roads, road safety, bridges, boat ramps, wharves and jetties, cycleways, traffic facilities, parks and gardens, sporting fields, beaches, cemeteries, noxious weeds, water and sewerage, waste, council building maintenance, private works, emergency services, flood mitigation, management and stormwater drainage.

Director Sustainable Environment – Robert Pitt

Robert oversees issues relating to the environment, building services, planning services, environmental compliance, estuary management, coastal management, economic development, environmental projects, acid sulfate soils and ranger services.

Kempsey Shire Council employs an Economic Development Manager (EDM) whose role is to assist in fostering a dynamic economic environment within the Macleay Valley one which encourages local job creation and sustainable economic growth. The EDM provides a service for employment generating development by assisting the developer at the pre-lodgement stage and throughout the application process.

There are many opportunities for organisations to succeed in the Macleay Valley including a large diverse skills-based population. Kempsey Shire Council continues to provide exciting cultural and recreational amenities as well as investing in the upgrading of its commercial centres.

The commercial centres and industrial areas offer outstanding benefits to companies seeking value for dollar, assured future growth and a relaxed healthy lifestyle outside business hours.