Smith Street, North Kempsey streetscape upgrade
A project from the Kempsey Corridor Master Plan works

The Smith Street, North Kempsey streetscape upgrade project involves modifications between Forth Street and the northern approach to Kempsey and was developed in conjunction with the upgrade of the Smith Street CBD as part of Council’s Kempsey Corridor Master Plan.

Works include modification of the existing kerb and footpath areas around the Forth Street intersection and reducing the road to a single lane in each direction. The remaining width of the road will provide a central turning lane allowing easy access to and from properties along the street. A cycle lane is also proposed together with a mix of kerb side parking and an avenue of trees.

Existing tree plots will be expanded to 10m long by 4 wide and will replace some of the trees that have been removed.

The works are intended to commence at the end of October 2015.


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