Lord Street, Kempsey remedial works
Handover of the former corridor to Council

Work has commenced on resurfacing Lord Street Kempsey, funding for which was provided by the RMS through the process of handing the asset over to Council after the Kempsey Bypass opened.

In conjunction with the proposed resurfacing road works, Council is planning is undertake works to rectify the existing difference in levels between the road, the kerb and gutter and the footpath area on the high side of the road over the majority of the length of Lord Street. This work will involve excavation and removal of the existing kerb and gutter and footpath, raising of the ground levels so that kerb and gutter can be installed at a height that is consistent with the road levels as well as resurfacing of the road. The footpath will also be restored at a level that is consistent with the new kerb and gutter.

The proposed works will make the footpath safer for pedestrians and provide improved access to each property.

The work from the bridge up to Little Rudder Street was completed earlier in 2015, the works will recommence in 2016.