Laggers Point boat ramp area upgrade
Arakoon National Park

August 2015

The Laggers Point boat ramp area upgrade is funded by a NSW Boating Now grant which covers road repairs, drainage and road widening; extra parking for cars and boat trailers; and rehabilitation of the waterfront picnic area.

The project was initiated by EcoFishers and the grant was applied for by the stakeholder working group involving DPI, Fisheries, Crown Lands, EcoFishers, Marine Rescue, South West Rocks Chamber of Commerce, Kempsey Shire Council, Roads and Maritime Services and National Parks and Wildlife Service.


Stage 1: An electronic boom gate was installed to allow boat ramp access from 7am-9pm. Boat queueing was moved away from beachfront camp sites to along Quarry Road.

Current stage

Stage 2: The stage two works are funded by a $350,000 NSW Better Boating Now grant that was applied for by the stakeholder working group. Costed proposals were developed to obtain this grant which will provide improved access to boat ramp users. Improvements to Quarry Road will provide more car and trailer parking, better traffic flow and safer pedestrian access. Proposals were developed in line with the Plan of Management for Arakoon National Park.


Proposals include :

  • Extension (by extending length towards the sea) and sealing of existing boat ramp parking area (listed as Area A on draft plan). Proposal to reverse current angle.
  • Widening and sealing of the road out to the turning circle to improve pedestrian and bike safety of the thousands of campers and 500,000 annual day visitors to the area.
  • Keeping changes to queuing area to ensure it occurs away from beachfront campers.
  • Encouraging pedestrians and cyclists to use the edge of the road furthest from the ocean.
  • Considering putting a narrow path along edge of road with drop off edge (marked as Area B on map) if needed.
  • Sealing around amenities block and providing 8-12 parking spaces opposite for day visitors and campers in peak times.
  • Removing tar from loop road and turfing to add more day use area / peak camping separated from road.
  • Adding parallel parking close to turning circle (sea side).
  • Add boat trailer parking (sealed) at end of turning circle.
  • Level grassed area and have informal grass boat trailer parking.

Have your say

Your input will help us achieve the best outcome that enhances safety and amenity for the many users including bikers, walkers, picnickers, campers, fishers and boaters.

Project benefits

The South West Rocks community receives significant income from recreational fishing from locals and particularly tourists. The crossing of the Macleay River bar can be hazardous for boaters, so safer options within Trial Bay are preferred that don’t require this bar crossing.

This project is designed to allow multiple use of this area, which attracts 500,000 day visitors annually as well as thousands of campers, by reducing conflict and providing facilities to meet needs of users, while complying with the Plan of Management for the area.

When will it start ?

The project will begin construction mid 2016. Before construction can start, heritage approvals are needed and tendering processes must be completed.


Please send feedback to Ranger Cath Ireland,
or by phone 0459 846 833

Please submit comments by 24th August 2015.

We really value your feedback which will help us to improve our plans.

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