New Crescent Head amenities

Updated 3 November 2016

Construction of a new amenities block in Crescent Head Reserve is one of the key community infrastructure projects scheduled for the 2016-2017 financial year.

The amenities block will meet an identified need in the community by completely replacing the existing facilities which are outdated, in poor repair and inconveniently located.

The NSW State Government has made a $166,000 contribution to the project through the Public Reserve Management Fund Program. This contribution will allow Council to redirect the money previously allocated to this work for this financial year into other projects in Crescent Head.

The design

The design of the new amenities building takes into account environmental factors and modern design principles, that seek to make public amenities easier to clean and safer through use of central doors, breezeways and individual cubicles.

The new amenities will include:

New Crescent head amenities block
  • 4 x male toilet cubicles
  • 4 x female toilet cubicles
  • Central breezeway and handbasins stand
  • Wheelchair accessible toilet and shower cubicle
  • 2 x individual unisex shower cubicles, located off central breezeway¬†

Current designs are based on a modern, fresh style with a highlight being the artistic inclusion of metal dye cut seagulls and sliding breezeway doors. On completion, consideration will be given to whether further artistic treatment is appropriate such as a mural wall or use of tiles matching those on the new surf club.

The location

The new amenities will be more centrally located in the Reserve to allow safe access from the carpark, beach footbridge and headland. Locating the amenities more centrally in the Reserve also doesn’t hinder Council from making future improvements to the day visitor areas of the Reserve.

Due to fire safety regulations relating to the new surf club, buildings are not allowed within 18 metres of the new clubhouse. This means the new amenities must be moved away from the location of the current facilities.

Locating the new amenities completely separately will also allow for full use of the existing facility during construction and be then demolished when the new facility is opened.


Designs are currently being finalised and reviewed. Tenders for the new facility will be called November 2016 with a view to reporting a construction timeline to Council in December 2016.

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