Kempsey Development Control Plan 2013

Procedure 1.1.3 Updated 10 January 2017


This plan adopts the terms and definitions of the Kempsey Local Environment Plan 2013, State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008 and Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979. Additional terms used in this DCP are defined below. Where there is an inconsistency, the higher order instrument prevails.

1 - Abbreviations/Acronyms used in this DCP

Term Definition
AHD Australian Height Datum
AHIMS Aboriginal Heritage Information Management System
AHIP Aboriginal Heritage Impact Permit
AMCORD Australian Model Code for Residential Development
ANEF Australian Noise Exposure Forecast
APZ Asset Protection Zone
ARI Average Recurrence Interval
AS Australian Standards
BASIX Building Sustainability Index
BCA Building Code of Australia
CBD Central Business District
CC Construction Certificate
CIV Capital Investment Value
CKPoM Comprehensive Koala Plan of Management
CMP Conservation Management Plan
CPTED Crime Prevention through Environmental Design
DA Development Application
DBH Diameter at breast height
DBHOB Diameter at breast height over bark
DCP Kempsey Development Control Plan 2013
also refers to any Development Control Plan prepared in accordance with the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979
DDA Disability Discrimination Act 1992
DoPI NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure
EEC Endangered Ecological Community
EPA Environment Protection Authority
EPAA or EPA Act Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979
ESCP Erosion and Sediment Control Plan
ESD Ecologically Sustainable Development
FPL Flood Planning Level
FSR Floor space ratio
GFA Gross Floor Area
GLFA Gross Leasable Floor Area
IWCM Integrated Water Cycle Management
KDCP 2013 Kempsey Development Control Plan 2013
KLEP1987 Kempsey Local Environmental Plan 1987 (as amended)
KLEP 2013 Kempsey Local Environmental Plan 2013
LALC Local Aboriginal Land Council
LES Local Environmental Study
LGA Local Government Area
MNCRS Mid North Coast Regional Strategy
NCREP North Coast Regional Environmental Plan 1988 (as amended)
NGL Natural Ground Level
NPW Act National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974
NPW Regulation National Parks and Wildlife Regulation 2009
NSW New South Wales
NSWFB NSW Fire Brigades
OEH Office of Environment and Heritage
PMF Probable Maximum Flood
PMP Probable Maximum Precipitation
PP Planning Proposal
RFS Rural Fire Service
SEE Statement of Environmental Effects
SEPP State Environmental Planning Policy
SES State Emergency Service
SHI Statement of Heritage Impact
SSMR Strata Schemes Management Regulations 2005
SWMP Soil and Water Management Plan
SWMCP Stormwater Management Concept Plan
SWMMP Site Waste Minimisation and Management Plan
VMP Vegetation Management Plan
WSUD Water Sensitive Urban Design