Kempsey Development Control Plan 2013

Procedure 1.1.3 Updated 10 January 2017

Chapter D3: South Kempsey Industrial (continued)

4 - Application Requirements

Development applications should include items and address matters as described below.

4.1 Statement of Environmental Effects

  1. All applications for development under this plan shall comply with the requirements of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000 and shall include a Statement of Environmental Effects (SEE).
  2. In addition to a site plan, detailed development plans and elevations, the SEE must be accompanied by a Site Analysis Plan showing the context of the development relative to other existing or proposed development on the site and any special measures required as a consequence of the staging of development.
  3. The SEE should clearly address all relevant Council DCP and Policy requirements and where variations to those requirements are proposed provide a clear justification for the variation.
  4. Council encourages applicants to undertake a pre-lodgement consultation with Council planning staff prior to the finalisation of documentation for a proposed development.

4.2 Compliance with Management Plans

  1. All applications for development other than for an Initial Subdivision, shall clearly and concisely demonstrate as part of the SEE compliance with the Desired Outcomes and Development Requirements of this chapter and with the Council’s Koala Plan of Management.

4.3 Stormwater Management Plans

  1. The preparation of a ‘Stormwater Management Plan’ should address the following issues:
    • site conditions and catchment context;
    • estimates of runoff where significant;
    • objectives and strategies for complying with water quality, water quantity, conveyance, discharge and flood protection criteria;
    • proposed layout and street design measures and incorporate stormwater source controls in street reserves;
    • provision of sufficient information to allow adequate assessment of the stormwater drainage system and its components; and
    • provide details as to the ownership of proposed water quality and quantity devices, i.e. Council owned or private allotment owned.
  2. The accompanying plan(s) should:
    • demonstrate that Water Quality Treatment and Quantity Controls comply with the relevant ‘Desired Outcomes’;
    • demonstrate that the minor, major and allotment stormwater systems comply with the relevant ‘Desired Outcomes’;
    • demonstrate that the system can be installed, operated and maintained in a cost-effective manner;
    • provide details of any necessary covenants for the installation, operation and maintenance of the stormwater system; and
    • address any other relevant measures required for the efficient operation, construction or maintenance of the proposed stormwater system.