Kempsey Development Control Plan 2013

Procedure 1.1.3 Updated 10 January 2017

Chapter B2: Parking, Access and Traffic Management

1 - Introduction

1.1 Scope of this Chapter

This chapter applies to development on all land within the Kempsey Local Government Area.

This chapter provides general development requirements in relation to:

  • On-site parking and manoeuvring;
  • Temporary road works;
  • Parking modules, circulating roadways and ramps;
  • Domestic driveways;
  • Access driveways and queuing areas;
  • Loading and unloading parking spaces;
  • Pedestrian service, bicycle parking, parcel pickup, shopping trolley provisions, lighting and speed controls; and
  • Landscaping (incorporating WSUD).

1.2 Relationship to Other Chapters of this DCP

The provisions contained in Chapters included in Parts C, D, E and F of this DCP override the provisions of this Chapter to the extent of any inconsistency.