Application to address a Council meeting
(Section 2.2.2 - Council's Code of meeting Practice)

Details of applicant

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Details of application

Upon accepting to address Council in the Public Forum the speaker must abide by the following conduct.

The speaker:

  • shall be mindful of the laws relating to defamation and libel as no protection is available to them when making statements at Council meetings
  • must confine their presentation to a statement of facts
  • must not insult or make personal reflections, allegations or impute improper motives to any Councillor or member of staff
  • must not say or do anything that is inconsistent with maintaining order at the meeting or is likely to bring Council into contempt
  • must allow other speakers to put their views without interruption.


I declare that the above information is true and correct in every detail and I have read and understood all the Guidelines for addressing Council.

I, the undersigned, understand that the Meeting I have requested to address is a public meeting.

I will conduct myself with due respect to the Council and observe the Code of Conduct and Code of Meeting Practice, i.e. not disrupt the conduct of the meeting and treat all people with respect, courtesy, compassion and sensitivity and not insult, denigrate or make defamatory or personal reflects on or impute improper motives to the Council, staff or other members of the public.

I also understand that should I say or present any material that is inappropriate, I may be subject to legal action. I also acknowledge that I have been informed to obtain my own legal advice about the appropriateness of the material that I intend to present at the abovementioned meeting.

I have read and accept the above declaration.