NSW Local Government Elections
Saturday 12 September 2020

An election will be held on Saturday 12 September 2020 to elect a popularly elected Mayor and 8 Councillors.

The Mayor and Councillors are elected by their local community. If you are passionate about your local community then you already have what it takes to become a councillor.

Councillors work together to make decisions about what the council will do to meet community needs and how money should be spent in the best interests of the whole community

Being a councillor is a rewarding opportunity to:

  • make decisions that help people in your local community
  • influence the long term vision and direction for your community
  • learn new skills, such as leadership, public speaking and advocacy
  • work with diverse and passionate people on a range of issues
  • balance the needs and priorities of your community
  • show leadership and make the best decisions for your community

The Local Government 2020 election website has been launched and provides a range of information about the upcoming election for Kempsey Shire Council on 12 September 2020. 

Further information