Councillor delegates to committees

Updated 2 November 2016

Council is involved in a number of external bodies that require representation. In addition, there are a number of committees and working groups that have councillor representation.

At the Council meeting 27 September 2016 the appointment of councillors to committees/working parties were resolved (refer minute 2016.220).

Further information

Note: The Mayor, Councillor Liz Campbell is an automatic member of all committees.


Australia Day Committee

  • All Councillors

Community Development and Support Expenditure Committee

  • Mayor Liz Campbell
  • Kempsey Macleay RSL Club
  • South West Rocks Country Club
  • Crescent Head Country Club
  • Kempsey Heights Bowling Club

General Manager’s Performance Review Panel

  • Mayor Liz Campbell
  • Deputy Mayor Ashley Williams
  • Councillor Hauville
  • Councillor (General Manager selected)

Local Traffic Committee

  • Mayor

Mayoral Community Fund Committee

  • All councillors

Natural Resources Working Group

  • Councillor Morris
  • Councillor Shields
  • Community members

Works Committee

  • All councillors

External committees

The following are external committees in which council is involved. These are not council run committees or organisations.

Bush Fire Management and Zone Liaison Committee

  • Councillor Morris
  • Councillor Saul (alternate delegate)

ClubGRANTS Committee

  • Mayor Liz Campbell
  • Deputy Mayor Ashley Williams

Flood Plain Management Australia Committee

  • Mayor Liz Campbell
  • Councillor Morris (alternate delegate)

Melville Community Centre Management Committee

  • Councillor Hauville
  • Councillor Morris (alternate)

Mid North Coast Regional Arts Board

  • Councillor Baxter

North-East Zone Public Libraries NSW Committee

  • Councillor Morris

Sports Council

  • Councillor Williams
  • Councillor Shields

South West Rocks Sport and Recreation Association

  • Councillor Shields
  • Councillor Williams (alternate)