Macleay Valley 2036
Community Strategic Plan

Adopted 25 June 2013

Cover of Macleay Valley 2036 Community Strategic Plan


Message from the Mayor

I am proud to present the Community Strategic Plan, our vision for the Macleay Valley.

This valley has a rich history and vibrant community, which the Community Strategic Plan supports and builds upon to ensure a bright future.

This plan has been designed to set our sights on what we really want as a complete and fulfilled community, it is designed as a guide, a map, a blueprint of what we have outlined we want this community to look like and to live in and how we are going to go about achieving this.

I thank our community for their involvement and valuable input in the extensive consultation process which has taken place in developing this plan. The community engagement, feedback, and participation, which has been achieved over the last several years has formed the basis of the Macleay Valley Community Strategic Plan.

In approaching this task we found a generous and responsive community who have thought about what they want not just today but for future generations.

By working together as a connected council and community I am confident we will achieve our shared vision for the future of our Valley detailed in this comprehensive document.

Liz Campbell
Mayor of Kempsey Shire