Operating Plan 2016-2017

Adopted 21 June 2016


Cover of the Operating Plan 2014-15

What is the Operating Plan?

The Draft Operating Plan 2016-2017 lists the actions, programs and activities Council will undertake during the financial year July 2016 to June 2017 and includes the Financial Statement and proposed budget.

This Plan covers the fourth and final financial year in the 2013-2017 Delivery Program, the summary of priorities agreed by the Councillors for their four year term.

It is one of the documents required by the NSW Government's Integrated Planning and Reporting framework and must be made available for public comment.

Fees and Charges

The draft Plan also incorporates the draft schedule of fees and charges that Council are proposing in the coming year. A summary of the fees and charges that are proposed to increase by more than 10% is available to download.

How was the Plan developed?

The draft Operating Plan and budget was developed through a series of reviews by Council's Executive giving consideration to community priorities, meeting the objectives of the Councillor's Delivery Program, scheduled rolling works and maintenance programs, capital infrastructure priorities and grant funding obligations all matched against how much money is available.

Video presentations were then made available to the Councillors along with an information session in order to review and finalise the draft document before placing it on public exhibition.