Delivery Program 2013 to 2017 and Operating Plan 2013-14

Updated Delivery Program adopted 18 February 2014

Cover of the Delivery Program 2013 to 2017


Mayoral Introduction

On behalf of my Councillor colleagues and the Macleay Valley community, I have the great pleasure of presenting the Council’s comprehensive four year Delivery Program. This document complements the recently developed 2030 Community Plan designed to take the Kempsey Shire to a healthy, wealthy, sociable and safe community for the future.

The Delivery Program has been prepared as a blueprint for the next four years which represents the current term of this Council elected in September 2012 and will be reviewed and updated annually.

At Council:

  • We want people to easily identify with what the community wants for the future.
  • We want people to be fully aware and see how the Council activities are funded.
  • We want people to be engaged and understand what is being planned in the long term (20 years), in the medium term (4 years) and in the short term (1 year).

Our community aspiration comes with the significant challenge of securing the financial investment that is necessary to make things happen in a difficult economic cycle and the under-investment that has occurred in the past.

This current year is also a turning point for local government with changes to the model and delivery of services being seriously considered. Much of our Council’s focus for 2013 will be to make sure any change brings benefit to the people of this Shire.

I look forward with enthusiasm to working with my fellow Councillors, General Manager, staff and all the people of the Kempsey Shire to advance our vision of a ‘healthy, wealthy, sociable and safe’ community and to doing everything we can within the resources available to us.

Liz Campbell
Mayor Kempsey Shire Council

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