Delivery Program 2012-2016 and Operational Plan 2012-2013

Adopted 29 May 2012


Cover of the Delivery Program 2012-2016 and Operational Plan 2012-2013

Message from the Mayor

Welcome to the Kempsey Shire Council’s Delivery Plan 2012–2016. This document is the result of 18 months of community consultation and revision of the Community Strategic Plan. Thank you for all those who participated with Council in identifying our priorities and aspirations.

This Plan is in two parts, firstly it represents a 12 month Operational Plan  providing detailed information on what Council will be doing over the next 12 months and a four year Delivery Program illustrating our planned activities for the coming years.  

To fund our plans and provide basic maintenance to our road networks, Council has made application for a Special Rate Variation over a five year period increasing the average rate over this period by approximately $352. On average this works out to be $10 per week over the three year period.   

Council has also cut costs and limited spending where possible, however we also need to ensure the Macleay Valley’s future prosperity and appeal is not forfeited as a result.  

The most significant project impacting on the Macleay Valley over the next 18 months is the Kempsey Bypass. It is with much excitement that the community embraces the opportunity to reinvigorate our main town and undertake town improvements. Such works are included in this plan.

I thank you for taking the time to read this document and welcome your feedback. By working in partnership we can be assured the Kempsey Shire can rise to the challenges which lie ahead.

Liz Campbell
Mayor Kempsey Shire Council