10 Year Works Program 2016-2025


Cover of 10 Year Works Program 2016-2015

About the 10 Year Works Program

Community infrastructure assets include roads (both sealed and unsealed), bridges (both concrete and timber), rural culverts, footpaths, kerb and gutter, guardrails, bus shelters, car parking facilities, stormwater drainage (including pits, pipes, head walls and open drains), flood mitigating structures, buildings, parks (sports fields, playgrounds and cemeteries), airport and waste management facilities.

Council prioritises maintenance of these assets by ensuring that the decisions of where resources are allocated are done in an equitable and efficient way i.e risk, nuisance, serviceability, level of benefit.

The 10 Year Works Program 2016-2025 gives the community an opportunity to know if works are listed within their area in the foreseeable future and is centred around Council’s Long Term Financial Plan (LTFP). Works listed for the following year are set, with the plan being revised each year to take into account any changes that may need to be made. It is revised each time new condition information is obtained on each asset class and is due for revision again in 2017.