Alcohol and Other Drugs

Procedure 5.5.36 Version 1
Adopted 21 November 2012



  1. The objective of this Procedure is to deal with Alcohol and other Drugs and their effect on workers’ fitness for work whilst performing duties at Kempsey Shire Council (the “Council”) and to ensure that Council has a mechanism to appropriately manage the misuse of alcohol and other drugs in the workplace through training, education and where required, rehabilitation.
  2. It is the goal of Council to:
    1. Eliminate the risks associated with the misuse of alcohol and other drugs, thereby providing a safer working environment;
    2. Reduce the risks of alcohol and other drugs impairment in the workplace; and
    3. Promote a supportive culture that encourages a co-operative approach between management and workers and builds on the shared interest in workplace health and safety.

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