Procedure 5.5.17 Version 1
Adopted 30 November 2011



Council recognises there will at times be a requirement for employees to work additional hours to the standard or nominated hours of work.

Overtime payments will be paid in accordance with the relevant Award where employees are directed or requested to work overtime. Council’s preferred approach is to reach agreement with employees to accrue time in lieu equivalent to the actual hours worked as provided in Clause 18 (vi) of the Local Government (State) Award (the Award).

Council is also aware the nature of some positions may require employees to work additional hours on a regular basis to meet Council’s service levels. In these situations, discussions will be held with the employees concerned with the objective of negotiating a Council Agreement under Clause 37 of the Award. Such Agreements may involve the annualising of overtime payments or varying the hours of duty.

All planned overtime must be approved in advance by the relevant Director/Manager or nominee.

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