Complaints against Council Employees

Procedure 5.5.16 Version 1
Adopted 30 November 2011



  1. Council recognises that occasions may arise where complaints are lodged against employees by members of the public or external organisations.
  2. Guidelines and procedures have been established to ensure these complaints are thoroughly investigated at an appropriate level and that employees are given the opportunity to respond to complaints made against them.
  3. Only signed written complaints will be investigated except where Council’s legal duty of care may be questioned or where there has been alleged corrupt or fraudulent activity.
  4. Details of verbal or anonymous complaints shall be conveyed to the employee(s) involved but will not be investigated nor be acted upon in any other way.
  5. Where investigations reveal a complaint is justified and that an employee has acted in a manner contrary to accepted Council standards and Code of Conduct, the normal disciplinary process shall be initiated.
  6. This Procedure only refers to complaints made against employees by persons external to Council or by Councillors/Council employees when the complaint does not relate to corrupt conduct, maladministration or serious and substantial waste. The Public Interest Disclosures Act 1994 (the PID Act), (refer to Procedure 5.5.15) applies where a Councillor or employee makes a disclosure relating to corrupt conduct, maladministration or serious and substantial waste in respect of another Councillor or employee.
  7. This Procedure should be read in conjunction with Clauses 32 and 34 of the Local Government (State) Award.

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