Recruitment and Appointment

Procedure 5.5.1 Version 1
Adopted 21 November 2012



  1. Kempsey Shire Council supports integrity and equity when recruiting, selecting and appointing employees and encourages a diverse range of applicants to apply for jobs. Council will seek quality applicants for vacant positions from the existing workforce and from the broader community.
  2. Recruitment, selection and appointment processes are based on the principles of Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and non-discriminatory practices.
  3. Recruitment and selection processes are transparent, impartial, fair and equitable. Council’s recruitment processes are designed so that applicants receive timely and accurate information about advertised positions as well as information about the procedures used for recruitment, selection and appointment processes.
  4. During the selection process, Council assesses the relative merit of applicants against the same set of selection criteria.
  5. Compliance checks are in place to assure the integrity of all recruitment, selection and appointment processes.
  6. The extent of advertising of vacancies will be aimed at attracting a field of applicants with appropriate skills to competently perform the duties of the position.
  7. These procedures cover all positions other than those of General Manager, Directors of Council and other senior staff identified under the Local Government Act, 1993. However, the principle of merit will also apply to the selection of the General Manager, Directors of Council and Senior Staff.
  8. This procedure is written in the context of recruiting permanent and longer term temporary staff greater than a 3 months period. For the recruitment of short-term temporary or on-call casual positions, the Manager of the section where the vacancy occurs should contact one of Council’s preferred Labour Hire providers to accommodate their request.

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