East Kempsey Cemetery tree planting project

As part of the cemetery’s Landscape Master Plan, Council is inviting the community to be part of this exciting project.

You are invited to donate towards the tree planting that will line the area to East Kempsey’s new lawn cemetery and throughout the older sections. Your gift will form a feature of the landscape to be enjoyed now and by future generations.

By contributing to the tree planting, whether to remember a loved one or to show respect for the environment, dedicating a tree will leave a lasting legacy for generations and become part of the history of the beautiful Macleay Valley.

The following trees will be planted:

  • Magnolia Nigra
  • Crepe Myrtle
  • Leopard
  • Magnolia Exmouth
  • Jacaranda

Donating towards a tree will cost $150.00 (this is a once off payment) and in recognition of your dedication, you will receive the following:

  • Name included on a cast bronze plaque to be erected in the cemetery with the name of the individual/group to which the tree is dedicated.
  • A certificate of appreciation.
  • An invitation to the opening of the new section of the cemetery in 2012.

To make your donation, please download the brochure below, fill out the form, and return to Council.