Fees & charges
Cemetery services

Cemetery services fees and charges 1 July 2018–30 June 2019  
All council operated cemeteries Incl GST
Land for each grave, first interment and perpetual maintenance $3750
Reservation fee $700
First interment in reserved site and perpetual maintenance $3050
If reservation prior to January 1994 in lawn section only $1110
Second interment $1700
Two (2) plots used for one burial, eg special religious practice $700
Additional fee for burial per grave if overtime is payable on public holidays or weekends $650
Additional fee for burial per grave on weekdays if gravediggers return to Depot after 4:00pm and overtime is claimed $200
Infant graves
Interment and perpetual maintenance $950
Columbarium walls
Purchase of niche position $550
Ashes garden
Purchase of position $600
Other fees
Grave Site - Soil removal during service $250
Enquiry fee - involving cemetery visit & photos $70
Late notification fee (after 3:00pm Friday for Saturday or Monday) $200
Surveying - special surveying to determine special placement of graves as requested by funeral director or family $300
Amendment to Work Order - any changes to work order after issue $50
Exhumation and/or re-interment $2300
Permission to erect slab over a grave, tomb or a monument fee (electronic photo to be supplied) $70
Memorial Seat Plaque $500
Home Burial Inspection Fee (to be paid prior to inspection) $350
Administration fee - transferring Burial Licences $120
Placement fee of ash in a family gravesite $175
Ashes position in lawn cemetery (up to 3 ash inurnments) $850